Салон-магазин и ателье "Жар-Птица". Всегда в наличии купальники и костюмы для гимнастики и фигурного катания
от 30-го до 44-го размера, всех цветов, с отделкой и без отделки, от 1200 руб. и выше.

Risport Skates г. Москва, м. Белорусская, ул.Расковой, д.16/26, кор.3
Время работы: 11:00-20:00 , кроме воскресенья
Тел :
(495) 656-37-86, 790-10-47
Факс :
(495) 731-40-30




1Date Order
3Postal/Zip Code

1No. Model
2Color of Leotard (or as on a photo)
3With stones Swarovski (Pcs./No)
4With stockings (Yes/No)
7Years (Years from Date of birth)
8Volume Bust/Cm
9Volume Waist/Cm
10Volume Hip/Cm
11Length Leotard/Cm (Half-Leotard)
12Length Shoulder/Cm (without a collar)
13Length Sleeve/Cm
14Length Skirt/Cm (or as on a photo)
15Incl.Transport services EMS (Yes/No)

The list of the goods (write article, title, color, quantity):
1. #1004, Skipping rope, yellow, 1 piece.

Attach a picture:

I.Price Leotard with stones Swarovski (1000 stones) Add. + EUR150,00 ; USD 200,00
II.The quantity of stones is free (from 300 pcs.) Price for one: EUR 0,15 ; USD 0,20
III.Price Leotard with Stockings (Design and Stones 300pcs.) Add. + EUR 105,00 USD145,00
IV.Time of manufacturing: 10 -15 days, after payment
V.Method of payment : bank transfer       
VI.The name for the order and payment should coincide
VII.The change of primary color of a Leotard and color of design is free from payment
VIII.The change of design of Leotard is paid
IX.All desirable changes are written in the free form in addition to the order
X.Express orders + 40%
XI. Price of delivery (EMS)* : EUR/USD ~ 50,00 -80,00
XII.Length of a Leotard: From the top point of a shoulder - > further between legs - > and return to the same point on the part of a back -> The received result is divided on two

*For more information you may visit EMS site


* Sending an invalid order can cause blacklisting